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I have a 14 yr old son who has been medicated by his pediatrician for his ADHd   symptoms for a little over a year. we went back and forth between Ridalin and Adderall  I called it pill roulette  in the end my son ended up being prescribed Ridalin (concerta) 54mg  the strongest they make.  I watched as my bubbly happy kid turn into a life less drone who didnt eat, sleep, smile, talk nothing.  He started telling me that when he took his meds he got "tunnel vision" and felt "numb"  well last I checked thats what it feels like on speed right?  so we decide to wein him off the "speed" and intergrated marijuana into his routine.  now I am in a position of frustration.  see its legal to give him lab created methamphetamines  all day long but if anyone knew I allowed him to smoke pot I will go to jail for giving my son drugs!!  I have been shown thru my own sons battle to fit in and get along with others that Ridalin is not the only answer to all ADHD symptoms  neither is Adderall  I found that a couple puffs of weed and my boy doesnt have his outbursts  he doesnt  "rock the boat" like he did before. and in school he is better but thats a whole different topic! not all people are school people 


Hey Sonni,


I have heard before that weed can settle ADHD symptoms, so I'm not going to debate you on that. I've read a little on the reactions of the ADHD brain and THC (the main active ingredient in weed), plus an adult friend of mine who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was a teenager, once swore blind that it calmed down his symptoms. However, around ten years ago, he was diagnosed with a paranoia disorder and doesn't smoke anything anymore. He went down the route of healthy living and has since thrived. He's learned to control his ADHD- he avoids certain foods and keeps to a strict exercise routine to help with his excess energy and focus.  

I will debate you on the "tunnel vision" and "numb" feeling being like someone is on speed. I was an amphetamine freak for a few years in my youth and I wouldn't describe it that way at all. In fact, as a stoner with over 20years in my pipe, I'd say you've just described being stoned. 


As a mother myself, I can see the obvious desperation and care for your boy in your words. But as someone who knows weed addiction, I can't help but judge your behaviour in giving a 14 year old child a drug that could potentially cause him more trouble than he has right now.

ADHD is a condition that usually gets easier as the person gets older, but instilling an addiction is a behaviour that will get harder to handle in the long run. Perhaps you don't realise this.

Also- you state "puffs of weed", so I'm gathering he's smoking it with tobacco? At such a young age, you are exposing him to a multitude of physical health problems caused by simply smoking tobacco. With the weed thrown in, you're risking his mental health too- you are increasing his risk of developing schizophrenia, depression and further addictions.


I don't agree with the pills the medical profession pumps in to children with ADHD, so I can understand why you don't want your son on them. However, your version of medicating him may work for now, but it won't in the long term- I promise you. 

While I know there are 'brain chemical differences' in people with ADHD, there are ways of controlling it, without resorting to any kind of drugs. Have you contacted an ADHD charity or information services? If you haven't, I would suggest trying them and asking about behaviour management development skills- not only for your son, but for you too.

No disrespect, but I've worked with kids and adults with ADHD and nine times out of ten, the problems are not usually with the kids. Usually, it's the parents behaviour that needs working on.


Good luck with your son and I really hope that he find relief soon- without the need for a head-screwing drug, legal or illegal.





I too have ADD and ADHD i take two 40 mg pills twice a day of ritilan. It had always made me sick. I started using marijuana instead of ritilan. i used to be a 00 jeans, and onlu 5'3". Mind you yes i have always been tiny but yet i didnt seem healthy when i started smoking i have gained a good 20 lbs giving me a FIGURE! (and boobs) in school my grades have been improving greatly. My only fall back is my school does random drug tests making me scared to do it, but its the only thing that has actually benefited me over the last 5 months.