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Hi, I am very worried about my husband. He has just turned sixty and his eye sight is getting worse day by day. He complains that his vision is blurry. When we go out and have to get across the street, he is unable to recognize the traffic light colors. My mother-in-law had similar problems and the doctor diagnosed her with advancing macular degeneration. My husband refuses to see an ophthalmologist. Could you tell me if he could be suffering from advancing macular degeneration? Should I insist that he goes to see a doctor?


Hi, I think that your husband should definitely see an ophthalmologist. The problems he is experiencing are very similar to the symptoms of advancing macular degeneration. Another fact that points to this condition is that his mother had also had advancing macular degeneration. This condition is inheritable. People your husband's age are mostly affected by this illness. In any case you should take your husband to see an ophthalmologist who will diagnose your husband's eye condition. The advancing macular degeneration is a serious condition that could lead to blindness and demands a serious macular degeneration treatment.