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Hello, I have a question about eye drops and going to the eye doctor.  I am wondering about what I should do when I go to the eye doctor and receive dilation eye drops?  I am diabetic and a bit concerned about it.  Will this intervere with my other eye drops I take?  I have drops I take at night for glaucoma.  Should I not take them the night before my eye dilation?  Has anyone else had this done?  Should I do anything else before I go to the eye doctor?  I am worried about my appointment.  Any advice would be helpful.  Thanks!


It is great you are going to your eye doctor for a check up. There shouldn't be any concern about your eye drops you take for glaucoma. I presume you take them at night before bedtime? You should be fine since you have had them in your system for a while before your appointment.

It is important to go to the eye doctor regularly to have an eye exam. When you go, the ophthalmologist will dilate your eyes to see if there is further glaucoma developing or other damage that could be occurring with your diabetes. Eye blindness is a concern for people with uncontrolled diabetes. Cataracts can cloud your eye if not treated and surgery becomes necessary to remove them. The eye doctor will know what interventions are needed to help keep your peepers healthy and will advise you on what he sees in his exam. The number one preventive measure in keeping your eyes working properly is keeping your blood sugars in control. As far as the eye appointment goes, you need not worry about taking your eye drops, in fact you should as your doctor prescribes. If you have issues with your eyes between visits, be sure to call as soon as possible to prevent further problems