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This is a problem that keeps bugging me every time I see the eye doctor!!! He puts the eye drops into my eyes to examine my eye and I see so fussy after the examination that I can do really anything. And I have to drive home, get my grandchildren from school. I always ask if she can do something about it, but I just get - you are not supposed the drive after the examination. Oh, thank you doc. Anybody has a better experience?


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Dear Guest: pupil dilation is standard medical procedure that has to be performed in order to accurately assess the retina - part of the eye where light is transmitted into information that can be processes by our brain; and part of the body that is commonly  damaged among diabetic patients. Unfortunatelly, dilation is a procedure that has to be performed. The eye drop effect vanishes within a few hours and during that period, you cannot see normally, since eveything appears extremely shinny. Thus, and please, do not write for that couple of hours. Best, Tom.