So here's my story.  On Valentine's Day, I met up with one of my friends who I'd not seen in years.  And we just hung around a bit.  But after a while, we started talking about sex and how long it had been for the both of us.  So we had sex.  I didn't use a condom.  Yeah, 34 years old and very stupid on my part.  But anyways, 5 days later, I woke up to pee and I had this weird clear discharge from my penis and it smelled like an infection or something and I also noticed like a bright reddish orange rash on the head of my penis.  I panicked and didn't know what to do because this is the day before I started my new job and I didn't have any insurance.  I had also noticed the smell the next day on my penis while in the restroom at work.  I showered and it went away.  I didn't notice it again until a week later.  I showered and it went away.  But I'd still had a weird rash on my penis and the head of it chapped real bad too due to the cold weather here in the south.  And I also had a clear discharge that just came out of random which really worried me as well.  The following week, I started 2nd shift on my job and I had time to make an appointment at the local health clinic.  A week later, I went.  I took a pee test for both chlamydia and gonorrhea and a couple of days later the test came back negative of both.  But I failed to mention anything about the rash that appears on my penis head.  I did tell the doctor about the smell coming from the penis of my head, but I failed to mention anything about the rash.  It doesn't hurt or burn or itch anything.  It's just annoying me that it's there.  And it's been 3 weeks today since I had the weird smell from my penis.  But it all comes back to the rash.  And I also have a slightly irritated spot on my penis due to masturbation but it's still a different color from the rest of my penis.  And another thing that really gets to me is the rash is only noticeable when I'm not hard.  What do you people recommend here?  Should I go back to the health clinic and tell the doctor about the rash on my penis?  Or is it possible that it's only a yeast infection that doesn't really itch or anything like that or what?  Please help.