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Hi all.I went to the waterfall a few weeks back, and I accidentally slipped and fell on my right knee while trying to climb up to the land when I was in the water. It was very painful and it made me woozy for a few minutes. Later on my knee bruises. I don't feel pain unless I pressed the bruise though. So I figure it's just normal bruising. I went home and rub some Chinese Rubbing Alcohol aka 'Dit da jow', and applied some analgesic plasters on the bruise until it's eventually gone.

Now a ffew weeks later I still feel like there's something in my knee. When I stand upstraight I feel somewhat inbalance, some weird feeling in the right knee. When I kneel it's....something just doesn't feel right, but I don't feel pain. Just slightly weak and should I say - numb I guess.

I don't know what to feel or what to think about. Is it normal?


I think u should just get ur knee checked out by ur gp and tell them what happened. You could've stretched or bruised/damadged one if the ligaments in ur knee and that is why it may feel odd or weak. I am not a doctor so I could be wrong, but just ge careful with ur right leg. Hope this is helpful for you :D