My husband injuried his right foot 11 days ago. After two days on crutches he was going crazy trying to get around. A while back I saw a gal at the mall, rolling along on a scooter type device with her foot in a cast. It looks like child's scooter but the platform is higher so you kneel on it. It was a Turning Leg Caddy, also called a Knee Walker. We rented one and it has made all the difference in the world. Dave can get himself around without exhausion, which is a good thing because he'll be off that foot for at least 6 weeks. I'll copy and paste a reply I posted earlier will all the details. I bought ours on ebay and the doctor wrote a prescription for it so hopefully the insurance company will help with the cost. But even if they don't, it's worth it. The rental store sold theirs for $600. I got ours on ebay for $379 with shipping included - 2nd day Air. Good luck!

Dave's story:
On June 29th while on vacation, my husband (Dave) miscalculated the distance between the boat and dock, landing with just one foot on the dock and all his weight on his right foot. He knew instantly that he had done some serious damage to his foot. 45 minutes later we were at the er. They xrayed the foot and couldn't see any breaks although the doctor said it acted like a fracture. They iced it, wrapped it, gave him crutches and Vicadon and sent us home. We we returned home a couple of days later Dave went to our family doctor. He said there was too much swelling to bother with another xray and to wait and come back in 10 days. After a week from the date of injury I insisted that Dave go back in sooner. We are traveling to California from Minnesota on the 20th of July for a business meeting that has been planned for over a year. We had to do everything we could to be there as Dave is in charge of the 4 day conference. So yesterday, he saw our family dr. who xrayed it and said that there were no breaks and wanted to send him to an orthopedist (sp??). Not having had good experience with the local orthopedist, I convinced husband to go to my podiatrist. We saw the podiatrist today. He looked at the xray that was taken yesterday and took one look at my husband's foot and said that we were in for a long recovery. His diagonis: LizFranc's dislocation and fracture of the 2nd metatarsal. Tomorrow he is going to have surgery where they will insert pins and possibly screws to stabalize the foot. He will have to be off of it for 6 weeks. Then they will fit him with a walking boot and begin therapy. The podiatrist hopes that after a couple months of therapy he will be somewhat back to normal. (I hope so! I'd like Dave to walk down the aisle at our son's wedding in 3 1/2 months instead of roll. The Dr. said Dave could wait, some people never have the surgery, but he could plan on pain and possiblity of reinjuring the foot in the future if we waited or did nothing. I really like this dr and trust him, so we said 'how soon can you do the surgery' Lucky for us he was available tomorrow afternoon.