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So I dislocated my knee in January of this year.  I was given a device that isolates my knee cap and hold it in place.  I wore the device off and on over the year whenever my knee would feel sort of irregular. I worked out routinely to help stregnthen my knee, it helped the pain somewhat, but mostly just made me feel better about the way I looked, and kept me heathly.  I haven't worked out since some time before Thanksgiving.  Starting this week i've started to feel this new akward feeling behind my knee cap, sort of like the ligament behind my knee cap is tightening, sort of similar to how it felt when I dislocated my knee, but not exactly the same.  I get the pain after fully bending my knee, for example when I am on my knees doing my job stocking shelves at work, when I stand to my feet I can usually feel the pain.  I try doing a couple of different stretches when to make the feeling go away a bit, but it comes back, and then it eventually goes away again.    

My knee "pops" (makes a loud popping noise and pressure) pretty regularly now but when I get off of work and off of my knees I expereience the discomfort much less. I want to start excercising again on Monday, but I am scared I might dislocate again.  I will try using the knee cap device again tomorrow, but I feel as though whenever I use the device, it makes my knee feel like jello the next day, and make me want to use the device again, even though I was advised by my doctor that I should not need to use it regularly.  

Doctor visits are very expensive, especially to see orthopedic specialist.  Should I make another appointment?  Last time I went in January I was advised to do an MRI of my knee, but the $$$price$$ of an MRI steered me away.  

-knee pain after sitting on knees

-after squatting up from off of knee

-if putting weight on problem knee

-occassional tightness benind knee cap


If anyone has or is experiencing this any advice would be magical thank you!


I definitely know how expensive a visit to orthopedic specialist might be, but then again think about the risk of dislocating the nee cap again and having to go through all that again... it definitely seems the best to check with your doctor about the exercise, and the details such as - for how long/ how often should you exercise or if there are some exercises you shouldn't do at all.

I'm being cautions here, but if there are symptoms that indicate that something is wrong and that you need to use the device way past the recovery time, it's better to be on the safe side and to know for sure at which point of recovery is your knee cap before you start exercising regularly again.



Hmmm that does seem to be the general consensus in my house. Looks like my wife is right again, I'll see the doctor again on Monday and see what she says.