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Served in country Vietnam 7/67 - 7/68. Currently 62 years of age, have diabetes, although controlled with oral medication, diagnosed and treated for PTSD and severe depression. Diagnosed with non-cancerous kidney cyst in 2003. Been hospitalized 5 days 6/09, 1 day 10/09, and 1 day 1/2010. 6/09 and 10/09 were due to severe chest pain radiating up side of neck. No loss of feeling or numbness in arms. Self admitted to local hospital in 1995 due to extreme stress and anxiety - possible suicidal ideation. Self admitted to VA hospital psych ward for two weeks 7/2003 following high stress incident at work - emotional breakdown. Re-hospitalized at VA psych ward in 2006 following auto accident (semi came into my lane and totalled auto). Hospitalization came after 2 weeks of de-compensating emotionally. 1/2010 hospitalization resulted from extreme stress and anxiety situation at work culminating in my quitting job, going home, wife at work that evening, my feeling totally worthless and a failure, and taking 75 0.5 mg of clonazepam prescribed for anxiety approximately 2 months prior. Am on medication for depression and PTSD, and instrusive dreams. I ADMIT NOW THAT I DID TAKE EXTREME OVERDOSE BECAUSE MY BRAIN SAID THAT LIFE WAS NO LONGER WORTH LIVING. Did not own up to that fact until 1 month later. Wife and primary physcian, and VA psycho-tropic med manager made aware of my action. Am no longer on Clonazepam. Realize that suicide is not the answer and have no intentions of ever trying that again. Am due to re-evaluation by VA this next week for heart and PTSD issues (currently 60% service connected disability by VA). I periodically have the chest pain, radiating up side of neck, but they say that it is not my heart. Had bariactric gastric bypass surgery 3/31/2007 and lost 100 pounds. Have gained 20 back, but no more in last year. Angiogram in 12/06 and 1/2010 shows 1 small vessel in bottom back of heart blocked, too small to stint, therefore treated with oral medication - Atenalol.

Comments regarding connection of my current issues and agent orange.......?


Recent updates on agent orange illnesses also include diabetes so make sure they have that added on your disability rating if they have not done so