i had 2 screws "installed" through the top of my first and second metatarsal. (also had to rebuild some of the arch) the doc says this is about the least severe form of the lisfranc injuries (thank god!!) however, the surgery wasn't done until 30 days after the injury. i'm still non-weight bearing, but i'm in an aircast boot. the doc's assistant accidentally gave me the wrong boot...it only goes up half my calf...i'm supposed to be in one up to my knee. does it matter which one i use? i felt like in the tall boot the "lisfranc feeling" was coming back very funky feeling across the top of the foot, but with the short boot, feels nice and put together...the other tall boot i had was NOT an aircast tho and my foot and ankle are extremely skinny...wonder if the tall boot being aircast would be better or just stick with the short boot (my muscles are killing me tho...) . the doc says it's my decision. ugh!!! i don't know!! any advice would help.