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Whenever I drink alcohol my forearms swell up and get really itchy. Someone told me that if I take an anti-histimine such as Zyrtec an hour before I drink that it should work. I tried this and I felt fine but about 5 hours later my forearms sort of swelled up and started to itch. I don't know if it just didn't work or if I just didn't take enough Zyrtec because I drank enough to get me drunk and I only took a 10mg Zyrtec. Surprisingly the reaction wasn't as bad as it was before when I got drunk so maybe 1 pill helped a little.

Also, I remember reading a blog comment where a guy said he built a tolerance when he kept drinking but I am a little skeptical on the credibility of a blog comment from some random guy on the internet. Is that even possible?


I think it's a slippery slope to believe that you can build a tolerance with alcohol intollerance.

I use to drink on a regular basis. Due to a bad reaction between Depakote and my nightly drink earlier this year I decided to cut my drinking down from regular to social only. I made this decision about 5 months ago, and every time since then if I've had more than 1 drink I get terribly sick about 6 hours after my last drink.

I haven't received a professional opinion on this yet, but it seems like common sense. If drinking results in something worse than a hangover.
The solution is to stop drinking.