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Hello, everyone.  I want to know why I have problems with hypoglycemia when I drink?  I go out every weekend and have a few drinks and when I get up the next morning, I have low low blood sugars that run in the 60s sometime 50s.... I eat while I am out so I don't know why I have this hypoglycemia?  I don't have this happen any other day. Do I have alcohol intolerance?  Any advice is welcome.  I want to still be able to go out with my friends.


Hello, Guest!  I see that you are concerned about whether you have alcohol intolerance and that you experience hypoglycemia the morning after drinking.  The following symptoms will transpire if you had alcohol intolerance:  allergy symptoms like runny nose and hives; headache; facial flushing; worsening of asthma (if you have it); a dip in blood pressure; nausea/vomiting.  Do you have any of these symptoms while drinking?  If not, you don't have alcohol intolerance.  You are having hypoglycemia, that is for certain.  Certain alcoholic beverages are higher in carbs and sugars than others.  Sweet wine, dry vermouth, and wine coolers are beverages to watch out for.  You may want to stay with low-carb drinks such as dry wines and vermouths, light beer, and distilled spirits like rum and gin.  You can count these as fats in your meal plan.  You may want to eat something like a lean meat sandwich before you go to bed after a night on the town, just to see if your blood sugar is at a normal range in the morning. 

Are there any other diabetics that have a problem with drinking the night before and low blood sugars the next morning?  What interventions have you practiced to prevent it from happening.  Is there anyone is successfully controls their fasting blood sugar in the morning and still drinks with friends at night?