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hi last year i used to be able to drink perfectly fine until one time i drank on an empty stomach (by accident) in which i started throwing up from like 4am til 9am. Ever since then i have not been able to drink without throwing up. Ill be perfectly fine until about 3:00 in the morning and then ill start to get the chills, ill be hot and then cold and it keeps switching, and im nascious all night, and i throw up all night till about 10 in the morning. My friends think im allergic and im starting to think i am too. Its crazy that this is how i react to alcohol.


Hello there,

In my opinion you are not allergic to alcohol, but you are overreacting with the amount of alcohol that you have been consuming. In case that person is allergic to alcohol the reaction occurs immediately after consuming the alcohol and it manifests as nasal congestion and flushing skin.

This condition is caused by a genetic condition, and it means that your body isn’t able to break down alcohol. And if you are allergic to alcohol the only way to deal with this condition is to avoid alcohol.

Of course, sometimes people are allergic to some of the ingredients which can be found in alcohol such as grains or chemicals. And sometimes reaction like yours can be caused by mixing alcohol and certain medications.