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Whenever I drink beer I am completely fine there is no problem. But when I take any shots or have any mixed drinks after about a half hour i get really bad cramps in my chest. It's usually only after a few. they're so bad that i have to lay down. The next morning i feel really really sick and usually end up throwing up. I dont have any other food allergies or anything i know of. what could be the problem?


Hello there,

Well in my opinion you should stop drinking. Maybe because you are drinking beer almost regularly your body is adjusted to the beer and because of that you can drink it more and don’t get bad reactions. But when you start to drink spirits your body is reacting maybe because it is simply not adjusted to the stronger amount of alcohol in such a short period of time. After all when you are drinking shoots it is normal to get drunk faster.

But if you are concerned about this you can check with your doctor. he will probably direct you to the allergist so you can do test and find out if you are allergic to some ingredient of the alcohol.