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Since about, late November 2007, I've been having problems consuming alcohol.

I've read many topics concerning Asian Flush, or straight up alcohol intolerance, but what's happening to me is not quite the same.

The first night it happened, I was drinking with friends, I had one shot of vodka and found myself throwing up shortly after. I was afflicted with the general stomach discomfort and vomiting I would've previously associated with me after 9+ drinks.

There was no previous hint of this coming, it just happened one night all of a sudden, and bam! one drink and I'm vomiting into the toilet.

Since then, it's never been quite so bad, but my ability to consume alcohol has basically disappeared. Sometimes I'd drink 2/3 beers and find myself throwing up, other times I'd be able to drink up to 5 and not throw up, but definitely feel that discomfort in my stomach. It seems to stretch across all types of alcohol, as most recently it happened to me where a single glass of wine "sent me over the edge."

Previous to this, I would have described myself as your basic late teen drinker, going out with friends drinking around 6 or 7 drinks every few weeks. I'm not a particularly healthy person, but I wasn't before either. I had made no change in my lifestyle when it first happened.

I also think it's important to note that I'm not getting drunk first. It's not as if I've simply become less tolerant to alcohol, so it affects my body more, rather, only the parts where I feel ill are affecting me more, and my actual limits for what will make me buzzed/drunk/etc. seem to be the same.

I'm pondering going into see my doctor, but I really want to get an idea of what it might be first. Anyone know any friends who had a similar problem? Any out of the blue suggestions?

I tried to put as much pertinent info as I could, but if I'm missing anything let me know. Thanks for the help though guys!


I have the same exact story as yours,one night all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom,cant go,thought I was gonna die.

Then I go,the next day find myself with a burning sensation in my grion and loin areas,then to find after this anytime I drink whiskey or anything else.

Im so damn riddled with pains and troubles I start to go nuts.

They tell me its all in my head.

I tell myself to just stop drinking anything with alcohol in it,including any vinegars and so on.


I not nuts ,they are,they dont feel the things I do.......


I find now after several years of this since 2006

I have searched and searched this internet over and over for any clue as to what may have happened to me.

At one time I thought I might of been poisioned by some one,...anyone.....

But that too,seems unlikely and why,and what for and if so how and what kind of chemical just keeps on and on over the time here.


I did see some things related to mercury amounts and the build ups in people,causing a problem with digesting alcohol.



To get so attacked in one night and afterwards never to tolerate it since 2006.

Im not kidding like many of the posts I saw here.


Literally attacked in one night with so much pain and wanna die,it was weird.


Where prior,I was a casual,your go after work and have some beers with friends,maybe splurge on weekends guy.

But still I am and was for the most part a guy that worked and didnt have time to sit and suck 'em down all day every day.



For my part,

To get digestively attacked like I did and as many did here.

It just has to be something we put in our mouths at one point or another.

Went in to our digestive tracts,embedded and is a substance that is like an enzime then.

A thing that starts a reaction,but after it does it is never involved or seen at the scene of the crime.

A body just does not violently react to a normal substance,like alcohol its all ways been ingesting,with a violent manner,..suddenly.

Then to turn and not tolerate alcohol or alcohol related foods and substances,as the final result.



I have now other philosiphies on the matter,but they again are of an accusing manner and they would definitly be censored by the administrator here.

For they are based on other issues at hand in our society here in America and it is wrong to accuse without facts.


I do have a fact to leave on,my doctor or doctors are as mind tripped at this as I am.

I have carefully asked,for the fear of being labeled "nutso" several medical professionals.

In 6-7 years I have not found a single professional in the medical industry or chemical industry that can explain any of this.


I see a million ways on the web about what it is,could be,cures,maybe's,and what if's.


I have the best damn cure for it all now.

This ones for you too,if you wish.


Dont Drink......

I found the sober life is a nice,good life and its actually pretty cool,knowing your saving all that money ya spent on BS and c**p at bars.

It also has shown me about what kind and whos really a friend over the past 6-7 years of my life.

PLus,It saves ya from all the damn drama you were sick of with people that you sat and drank with that all ways got out of hand.


I'd like to know what caused my issue,fine.


BUT,somehow,...I dont care anymore.

I like what my life has become,NOT DRINKING ALCOHOL.

The alcohol we drink in its form,mixed with what I call a grain or vegitable matter seasoning.

Alcohol is the same damn chemical as the ethanol they add to the gas in your car from the corn in the feild next to your house ya know.

Ethanol Alcohol......

I was drinking as far as Im concerned a form of gasoline then.

Perhaps not fossil fuel,but vegtable matter organic fuel.










I am a retired physician. First step: avoid alcohol 100% for now. Life is fine without it, believe me. Anyone who is experiencing new symptoms like this should see their doctor and have an amylase or at lease a lipase done, as well as tests for pancreatitis, anemia, hyper-triglycerides , diabetes (which can be caused by chronic or recurrent pancreatitis) and possibly endoscopy (looking at your upper GI tract with a camera. This "new" and sudden intolerance could signal various medical conditions that deserve a complete work-up. There are also some rare conditions such as histamine intolerance (a subset of atopic dermatitis) and pancreas divisum which can lead to similar symptoms. Chronic gastritis and ulcer disease, chronic pancreatitis, and many other medical syndromes can lead to similar symptoms and a work-up is recommended. Even lung cancer can give similar symptoms. Also, very important: Check to see if any of the medications you are on are implicated in alcohol intolerance. Some anti-depressants can also have this result. Several anti-biotics such as metronidazole can behave like "antabuse". From WIKI: Antabuse, or disulfiram, blocks the oxidation of acetaldehyde into acetic acid, which can then accumulate to a level 5-10x normal and the symptoms can be: •Flushing •Nausea •Vomiting •Sweating •Thirst •Throbbing in the Head and Neck •Throbbing Headache •Respiratory Difficulty •Chest Pain •Palpitations •Dyspnea •Hyperventilation •Tachycardia •Hypotension •Syncope •Marked Uneasiness •Weakness •Vertigo •Blurred Vision •Confusion So check your medicines, and your labs and consult with a doctor familiar with this disorder as soon as you can!



Thank you for your sound advice for those who start finding themselves sensitive to alcohol and that is to avoid alcohol altogether. I do remember back in the late 1970's, I heard some 'warnings' to the effect that if one drinks occasionally, then some decades later, one can find oneself less tolerant to alcohol. At that time, when I drank on a rare occasion, I would have up to 3 beers over the course of several hours. 10 years ago, After having a 22 oz glass of a good beer, I started feeling a little sick. Next time, I stepped down to a smaller glass which I was able to handle. Then a year ago, I had the same thing happen after drinking a 12 oz bottle of that good beer. Now, I will have much smaller portions when I do decide to indulge. I am physically healthy. I am autistic and have doctor certification to use medical cannabis to help me to deal with ADD and mood disorder; In short, stabilize me and allow me to be human.