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For the last two years ivedeveloped allergies to almost every antibiotic. Im sick alot seems like everytime i turn around ive caught something else. I have repeated respiratory infections chronic sinusitis. Imallergic to laundry soaps perfumes foods animals . What could cause this anyone else have this problem? Ive aslo been sick four months straight doctors cant find a reason.



I know you posted this a while back and I hope you found at least some treatment that helps, but I would also suggest you to talk to your doctors about possibility you've developed histamine intolerance. Histamine is the substance your immune system releases in presence of something you're allergic to, but in some cases, this process can become, in a way, hyperactive - so you basically get allergic reaction to almost anything. This condition is usually detected when you do an allergy test (which can test you for 50+ known allergens) and it usually turns out that your results are normal, but you still keep getting the allergic reactions. This can be hard to diagnose, and the treatment basically involves anti-histamine medications and common anti-allergy medications such as Benadryl – but they at least can help you not feel sick all the time.

Wish you all the best,