Millions of hay fever and asthma sufferers may be put off of their miseries in a three-year time as scientists report being close to finishing an allergy treatment. Food allergy sufferers may be looking at the cure as well but not as soon.

The researchers report that an allergy treatment has advanced and that they are able now to immunize the body against making an allergic response. It is done by developing modified versions of the allergens in pollens, dust or food types and exposing patients to them. The patients will not react to modified allergens and will gradually learn to tolerate them. In a few years time, their bodies will become able to recognize the real allergens and will not experience allergic reactions.

By preventing allergic responses, researches are hoping to cure the diseases.

Studies haven’t been completely successful because the vaccines made for immunizing the body were given by injections which often trigger potentially dangerous allergic responses. The plan is to create pills and drops that would not cause such reactions.

There has been an increase in allergy cases over the last few years in developed countries. The main reason is suspected to be lack of exposure to germs and parasites in early life, which prevents children from developing a healthy immune system. Children that grew up on farms surrounded by bacteria and who drank unpasteurised milk were at less danger of suffering from allergies.

Before any of the treatments are approved and adopted by the NHS, the effectiveness of the therapy would have to be fully demonstrated.