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so I've been having this problem for more about 2 years now. Everytime I get nervous or anxious I can feel my bowels moving inside and and right after that I really need to go to the toilet to relieve myself. It started when I was in year 10 high school, I was in class and I suddenly really needed to go. The thing was I had a really strict teacher and I was in the middle of an exam.  So I asked her multiple times to let me go to the toilet but she kept saying no. It was so horrible I was literally sweating around my hands and clutching my thighs. The weird thing was that one minute I felt fine and the urge to poop was almost gone, then a minute later the urge came back and felt like I couldn't hold it any longer.  I had to rush through my exam to finish it so I could go. So after I finished, she finally lets me go to the toilet. I ended up running to the toilet for dear life and letting it all out. I was so embarrassed about the whole ordeal, constantly asking my teacher to go and making a scene of myself. This was before I started getting urges to poop whenever I'm nervous. At that time, I got the urge so suddenly it wasn't because I was nervous, in fact it happened when I was concentrating on my exam. 

After that  my poop problems started getting worse. Whenever I go to class I get nervous and start worrying that I'll get the urge again. Every time I get nervous my bowels would start moving and my stomach would start growling then the urge to poop would come minutes after that. It's much worse when I'm in a class with a strict teacher. I know it sounds stupid but it's really effecting my life. I can't concentrate on the school work because I keep constantly thinking about needing or if I'll need to go to the toilet. I don't want to constantly ask my teachers to go but I don't want to end up soiling my pants during class. 

I've tried calming myself down but it doesn't help. I have anxiety problems and I'm hoping my psychiatrist will prescribe me anxiety medicine.


Over the year these problems have been getting worse. I will always get the urge whenever I'm nervous no matter what the situation is. It used to happen only when I'm at school and in class worrying about getting them but now it seems like I need to relieve myself even when I'm nervous about something else and even when I'm at home.


I really hate it. I dread going to school especially in the mornings which is when it happens the most. I've tried many ways to try and stop it such as skipping breakfast, going on a specific diet but none seem to work. I feel like I can't concentrate on anything else. It really sucks, I've been thinking of getting a part time job but this problem is really stopping me.


Is there any way to stop this? Like I said, I've tried multiple ways to calm myself but I got a lot of anxiety problems I can't help. 

Also like I mentioned I'm hoping my psychiatrist will prescribe me anxiety meds so will that also help?


Try using milk of magnesia to detox your body and once you do that try staying away from oily food personally that really helped me. Just know you aren't alone it's also a very psychological thing this problem gave me anxiety and now that it's gone I still deal with the anxiety a little bit. Something that I think could really help you is if you are Christian talk to God it really calms me down and makes me feel good. I focused so much on the sounds that I could not even function in school. Even if I didn't have the urge to use the restroom I would make myself have the urge simply by just thinking about it. Once I stopped thinking about it I realized that I was doing it to myself I would have the urge but nothing would happen I wouldn't even have to use the restroom I was just so anxious that I convinced myself I had to use it. Just know it gets better