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Ok so I am 15 years old a freshman and when I masterbate I only get pre-cum and just starting to get a little hair but I get embarrassed when my friends talk about sex because my penis is still really small


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Hi. I am very proud of you posting your question. Lots of men are to shy to talk about their sexuality.

We as men compete about everything. When we are small boys we compete about who's dad is the strongest and when we are in grade 7+ we start competing about penis size. We compete about things that we have no control over! That is really silly. Unfortunately, that's the life we live in.

Both my to boys (gr. 4&7) are way behind when it comes to development. My eldest one also starts to struggle a bit with it now. My youngest one has absolutely no problem with it what so ever but he has other issues. You can read about them by clicking on my name if you want to.

The right thing to do is to joke about one's own lack of development and small willy, but unfortunately very few teens will be able to do that. While you wait for your body to catch up, find someone that you can often talk to about your frustrations or keep on posting about them. Talking about these things helps a lot!

PS. Enjoy it while you don't have sperm yet. You can do it without cleaning up the mess afterwords. Your friends have to be careful where their sperm falls, you don't!



It sounds like you are a late bloomer and on a slower schedule for puberty.

Dry orgasm

Many young guys who are just starting puberty find that when they masturbate, from which they derive intense pleasure, they have an orgasm but nothing comes out of their penis (no ejaculation). This is called a dry orgasm.

Boys start puberty at different ages so the age of first semen production varies. One has to be in puberty a year or longer before semen production starts, so there is nothing to ejaculate when you first start to masturbate.

When semen production does start, it usually is clear at first.
It may take you some practice to learn how to stimulate yourself in a way that will produce an orgasm and ejaculation.

It is not necessary to retract the foreskin when masturbating.

Although the muscle contractions to produce an ejaculation occur, there may be no semen to ejaculate because semen production has not yet started.

After you have your orgasm, you probably won’t be able to masturbate for a time, because you are in the refractory period.

When semen production does start, there will be only a few drops at first. It usually is clear instead of milky-colored. The quantity increases later and the color changes to milky white.
Some guys just dribble out their semen and some guys shoot it out. Either way is OK.

Just enjoy your dry orgasms while you wait. You will see some semen come out eventually.
Masturbation should be done in a private place.
Guys who don’t have foreskins usually need lubrication to avoid friction irritation. It is optional for guys with foreskins.