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Hi, I am 15 years old and i am worried that I have not hit puberty yet. This is incredibly embarrassing but I feel like I need some guidance
Firstly, I have been masturbating for over a year now and I have never ejaculated, not even Precum. All that ever happens is a sensation that something is going through the urethra, pressure builds and nothing happens just as it gets to the end of the penis. Afterwards I feel relaxed and the end of my penis stings abit and has gone hard, but I have never ejaculated anything.
It is difficult because at my age I should be able to, and at school people often talk about how they've ejaculated and how far it has gone, and I understand it is often rubbish but that still makes me feel conscious.
Secondly I am doubting whether I have hit puberty. I have some pubic hair but not loads but I have no armpit hair and my voice is still high. Every now and then I get a strange feeling in my throat but I am not sure whether it is voice breaking or just random, however I see some small hairs growing at the top of my thighs...
Anyway Please help if you can


P.S. I am part Indian, I do not know whether ethnicity affects it


Hi guest,

First, you need to know that not everyone develops at the same rate.  Nothing is wrong.

It sounds like you're just starting puberty.  Pubic hair is a good sign.  Armpit hair will come later and the voice can change at any time.

Don't worry about not ejaculating yet.  Again, it sounds like you are close.  Some guys can't ejaculate, doing it the "normal" way.  

Hang in there.  


Hi I'm 15 Years Old And I'm Concerned That I Am No we're near Puberty, I have Add Pubic Hair On the Top on My penis for the Past Year And also Small hairs on my Teaticles, I have been able to ejaculate A few Drips in the past 6 Months, A lot of After Cume, i have recently groawn very tiny hairs on My arm Pit, And Penis Size has not increased in the last 2 years, I'm just looking to see if I'm near puberty and when my voice will actually get deeper.


Hi Guest,

You are in puberty. Ejaculating is a clear sign.

We all develop at different rates/times. Your voice will change when it's ready. Your penis can grow into your early 20's. Don't compare yourself to others. You are NORMAL. Hang in there!