Now let me start by saying that alot of sh*t happened to make me quit smoking. It started about three weeks ago, with my roomate getting beat up by my best friend for him sexually assaulting his girlfriend in my home. I kicked him out of my house. Then after all that went down me and my best friend stopped hanging out because he didnt like being in my home after the incident. So when he left i quit smoking weed, as he was the one who would always supply it for me. Im a college student that just finished the semester this week so finals and everyhting coming down to this had stressed me out too.

I started stressign and crying out randomly a couple days later after not having weed. It would be random too, id think about alot of htings including how life was unreal and that i didnt want to continue on. For about two or a week and a half now ive been going in and out of depression states. They are random as hell and i once again think of life being unreal and i have no motivation to do anything.

This last week i smoked about two bowls with my friend on monday. I decided the next day that i was done with weed as (while i was high) i thought about the same stuff. Idk if it was being withdrawn from the weed that caused all these random crying sessions or the depression, so i guess that is my real question.

I have been regularly smoking everyday about three bowls a day for about a year and couple months now. Im on my 4th day now without smoking and i have not gotten a loss of appetite or so i hope not, but i have random mood swings. Ill be happy and cheerful for about two hours, then i get a drop and feel absolutely shitty. I feel like the world is crashing in on me and I'd have no emotional appeal to do anything about it. Am i going through  withrawal symptoms? Are depression and anxiety attacks supposed to be regular? Im only 19 and i shouldnt be thinking that my life is pointless yet. I have much to do with it still! thanks for the help.