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Hi guys, I'm 19 years old and I've been a marijuana user for the past year or so and have tried to quit several times. From September of last year until this July i felt like i was in a bit of a depression and felt very anxious and lacked my usual confidence. I went through my first year of college feeling very lost and not like myself. Throughout high school i was someone people used to look up too and was very self confident and loved to take on challenges i played sports had girlfriends really took the bull by the horns. After my basketball season ended a friend of mine got me into smoking weed about 3 to 4 times a week from a vaporizer, i thought it was fantastic not only did i enjoy being high and laughing and having a good time i knew it was the healthiest way to smoke. Anyway after about a month or so of vaporizing i went on too smoke bong, bowls, joints, blunts for days and all of the above....i still felt great i even started to smoke everyday and was still feeling myself and then at the end august i started to feel very strange i started too feel very socially awkward and my confidence dropped and became very anxious and depressed. Anyway i thought i was just going through a phase and continued to smoke more and more as i attend my first semester of college. Alot of my friends went away to college but i didn't because i have been thinking about joining the military but my parents were not crazy about the idea and told me too get my associates first then if i still want too join we will talk further about it. So i began college smoking everday and i felt like i was slipping more and more each day. So around December i decided to take a break of smoking everyday and i witnessed absolute terrible marijuana withdrawal symptoms i thought i was going to go insane. I began to smoke again but not every day. I smoked on till about May 17th of this year then i went to England for a month and a half too work and explore. As i was there i never felt myself really i had times when i did and times that i didn't. At the end of my trip around June 26th when i came home i felt like a new man i felt myself. My confidence was through the roof like it should be and i was reconnecting with all my friends again and felt so much more relaxed i could talk to anyone and i would talk to anyone because it was enjoyable and i felt great about myself this went on for about a 3 week period. My friends who are big time smokers always urged me to smoke with them because it was only normal for me to join them and when they heard me say no i'm done with that sh*t they would urge me even more. Anyway one day i was with a couple of my friends and i gave in and took 1 hit of a blunt and i was high as f**k...i began to laugh then all of a sudden i felt i couldn't talk felt very awkward and thought everyone was saying things about me it was paranoia at its finest. After that day i thought i'm never doing that again but of course after a night of drinking i gave in and smoked again, don't remember much of it but when i woke up the next morning i felt very very guilty and felt very anxious and felt like sh*t so i worked out and tried too relax. During the end of July into august i smoked 8 times and I've quit since August 18th after smoking a gravity bong, i took one hit and again fell into a total mess of being in my own head tripping out and thinking people were saying things about.... i couldn't even see straight. The past 9 days have been very up and down for the first couple of days i felt anxiety, depression loss of confidence, insomina and then i had 2 days where i felt better then before but today and yesterday I've felt like sh*t. Is it possible to have withdrawal just from those 8 times i smoked? I just want to be my old self again and take my life to the next level because i know i have it in me its almost like its screaming to come out but i keep f*****g it up because i smoke weed. How long will it take for me too get back to my old self?



hi, first you need to put a long hall of a distance between person you considere to be your friends, cause they are not interested in your well being let alone your health/future next you to afiliate yourself with all positive things like spendingg more time with your family, reading books which will in turn help u to become the person you have been struggling to bring out ,think positve , smile all of the time, help person who may need help in any way along as u can asist with what ever it may be keep a diary of weekly or daily progress. plz try all of the above and tell the result i'll be waiting and oh one other thing pray as often and make the bible one of :-)<3inspirational books.