I have just quit weed after 3 years of smoking about 4 times a week.
I didn't think this was much but I am feeling some really strange affects. I have also quit alcohol and cigarettes at the same time as I feel they make me weak and I need all my strength to quit weed. Today is day 12. The first 10 days were fine, was on a high for most of the time (just made plans to go travelling so have been excited) but would sometimes come crashing down and feel exhausted. This weekend I was quite busy meeting up with friends etc and yesterday I had my first panic attack - not sure if it really was a panic attack though which is why I am here. I started to feel exhausted first and then depressed and anxious more and more as the day went on...then numb...and then just started crying (I don't usually cry easily)..tears just started streaming down my face on and off for an hour or so and then I just started breathing really heavily, more crying...I wasnt thinking anything, I didn't know what was happening to me, I felt nauteous and shaky..I couldnt speak.. luckily a friend kept calling me and made me speak to her and talked to me for about an hour to keep my mind off it and I came good but felt really exhausted again. Tonight I had another one, tears just started streaming down my face on the train ride home. I have nothing to be sad about - I have amazing friends and family and live a life of substance. Is this anxiety, depression, panic attacks or something else? I have read that lots of people have had anxiety etc but does that involve crying for no reason?? I also think it may have something to do with drinking coffee? And also not having a vice like a cigarette or a joint after the coffee.. does anyone get me? I don't want to go to a doctor only to be given more drugs to numb me. I want to get through this and live a content drug free life. If anyone has been through this and can tell me about their experience, how they dealt with it and how long it lasted I'd be really grateful.