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ok so here it goes i am 20 and i have been smoking weed socially on and off since i was 5 years old. just recently within the last 6 months to a year i started smoking really heavily so bad that some days i couldnt make an eigth last but a few hours. i was in denial and thought oh ive never had a problem with being addicted to it before so why would i start getting accited now.well needless to say i am dumbass and was was totally wrong. i also had convinced myself that you couldnt get withdrawl symptoms from weed either once again my mind played tricks on me and i was so wrong its not funny.

ok so the whole reason i started thinking i might be addicted to this **** is the physical symptoms i was having whenever i smoked for long periods of time and then quit.

such as being-








stabing pains
in chest and stomach

hot and cold sweats

all these symptoms would occur for a few minutes then go away always changing from one symptom to another.

vomitting and the stabing pains are the worst symptoms i am experiencing it comes and goes and then comes again and is getting to be unbearable

if anyone has any helpful tips on quitting plz let me know i am a very driven person and im attempting to quit on my own so any help advice ect will be greatly appreciated thanks

oh p.s dont know if this is relevant to my situation but i also just recently stopped smoking cigs a few months ago so i thought maybe the combonation of quitin both of these so close together might have something to do with why my symptoms are so severe

i also would like to know if ther are any foods that will be easier on my stomach or something i can drink to detox faster and get all the thc out of my system and if theres vitamins or supplements i can take to help detox as well

im not quitting because i have a ua or job or something that i cant smoke anymore im just tired of being sick and feeling like c**p when i quit smoking after ive been smoking for some time

so i want to quit cold turkey get all the thc out of my system and then begin to see if i can smoke on occasion every once in awhile like i used to do.

plz no smart ass remarks or telling me that weed isnt addictive because i know for a fact from my doctor that this is what is making my sick and although it might not be phsically addictive it is mentally and psycologically addictive

ive had it programmed in my head that i had to have it even when i didnt really feel like smoking it and it became such a habit i was hard to stop on my own free will but its the second day now and i feel like killing someone jk but you get the point

plz anything that will help thanx


I am quitting just like you are. I hate the feeling of nausea and hot and cold sweats. I have been smoking for 2 years, every day for 1 year. I have an addictive personality which makes it quite difficult to say NO. But I can do it and so can you!

Here are some things that can help. You can try any of these whatever you think will help you:

Your withdrawals will go away after two weeks of abstinence. All you gotta do is go through two weeks of hell.

It's a daunting task, and nobody wants to go through it but the benefits are far greater than if you keep smoking pot. You will be much better off if you try to quit.

If your withdrawals are too much you can try the tier method of quitting. To do this you need to consume marijuana less often (instead of everyday try smoking every two days leaving a day where you don't smoke. When you feel ready widen the gap to three days and so on so forth). You also need to smoke less pot ( so instead of smoking 14 bowls in one day, reduce your cannabis intake to 2 bowls a day, if you can't bear it then have a little bit more until you feel comfortable and slowly decrease the amout you smoke and continue doing these two things and it will eventually stop. This method will reduce nausea, cravings, depression and the stabbing pains that you have experienced and will make it less stressful for your body to quit.

It's not easy quitting all by yourself with no support. You can try going to an AA meeting and talk to people who are going through the same thing as you are. This really helps you cope.

Limit your access to your dealers and start hanging out with your non-smoking friends they will be happy for you and your decision to quit, and you will have their respect because you are willing to go through hell just to be normal.

I know it's hard to go through the day feeling like that, but it will eventually pass. You will have more motivation, it will be easier to think, easier to socialize, easier to eat.

I found these items you can buy at your grocery store that can help with the nausea and vomiting. Personally, I cannot stand the feeling of nausea, absolutely hate it. Pepto-bismol, alka-seltzer, and dramamine can all help you feel less nauseated. They are inexpensive and can really help you. So there is something you can try

If you have trouble getting to sleep, you may want to buy a sleep aid containing dramamine or diphenhydramine. These can help relieve nausea and vomiting which i know nobody enjoys that feeling. If you buy a sleep aid with acetomenophen it can help with the hot and cold sweats. They help me fall to sleep so I feel less crappy and tired in the morning.

You may also want to take multi-vitamins. Proper nutrition is an important part of recovery. You must eat food before you take them ,because they will make you feel worse if you take them on an empty stomach. I had to force myself to eat, it's hard and doesn't taste very good at all, but you have to eat to recover. If you throw up.

Drink some chamomile tea. It will relieve anxiety, and irritablity, and depression, and insomnia, and anger and reduce your cravings. And it's good for you. Another tea you can try is mint tea (peppermint). The menthol in the mint will calm an upset stomach, relax you, ease stress, and it's also good for you. Drinking tea really helps me through this time of sickness, so it probably will help you too! It really makes the withdrawals less intense.

The only thing that will get THC out of your system is time. If you want to be clean, you just have to wait it out and give it plenty of time. After 2 weeks your withdrawals will go away and you will feel much better.

Exercise can help and is also an important part of recovery. It probably isn't the best thing when you feel like throwing up all over the gym, but you can try less strenous activities such as: ride your bike, take a nice long walk, archery. It will reduce stress and help you through this difficult time. You can also try weightlifting because it makes me feel better about myself because I get stronger every time I do it, and its good to get back in shape. So the bottomline is, it puts you in a better mood, you will feel good and its good for your body. Remember, you don't have to do any of this.

You can also try meditating. I know it seems stupid at first, but I was feeling quite crappy one day because of my withdrawals. So I tried to meditate, and I actually made me feel much better. It turns out if I hadn't meditated that day, my day would have probably been a bad one. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly and consistently and try to keep your thoughs to a minimum. Don't try to control your thoughts, as this will make it hard to meditate. Just concentrate on breathing in and out and soon you will be feeling better. Do this when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to sleep everyday. You can also do this every time you start to feel bad and i guarantee you will be feeling better if you do it correctly.

Proper hydration is important to recovery as well. It can help you feel less nauseated, and your stomach and body loves water. Drink two or three glasses of water right when you wake up. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they dehydrate you, and cause you to feel bad. Caffeine can make you feel nauseated, alcohol can too so avoid those.

You will need a distraction from weed to quit. Take a vacation away from home for a couple of weeks if you can. Take your dog for walks, draw, photography anything that seems interesting to you. If you don't want to do anything then the pot obviously isn't helping you at all. Just find something to do so you won't be tempted to smoke pot.

You will need to say NO everytime you think about pot. Remember, it's all in your head. Everytime you smoke punish yourself. Maybe don't use the anti-nausea medication that I suggested above. You will feel nauseous and it might teach you to try harder not to smoke again. You need a reward for every day you don't smoke as well. Like maybe go and get an ice cream, or do something for yourself that you enjoy. Your hard work will eventually pay off.

Make a journal about how you feel. If you can express how you feel on paper it makes you more confident which you will need plenty of. And It might distract your mind from pot, who knows it's worth a try!

There isn't anything that you can do about irritability or anger, these symptoms will go away after 4 or 5 days. At least it worked for me!

Get rid of everything in your house that reminds you of smoking. Yes, it's pretty hard giving up all your pipes, and bongs, lighters, and your sack of weed, but you will be tempted to scrape your pipe or go out and get weed. If you don't have anything at home that reminds you of it is hard. Just give them all up to somebody that can use it, or just throw it away. You can also have a friend hang on to them for you so you can quit. It makes it much easier to quit. Just hang in there you can do it! :)

Remember you can get through this! Know your goals and do anything that can help you stay abstienent. Its hard, but not impossible. I wish you good luck an hope we both will quit. You are on the road to a better life! Hang in there and you will feel better soon.



So you are a junkie. A marijuana junkie. Hmmmmmm... 5 years old? Maybe you are a TX or CA banker trying to protect the illegal stream of cash they have running through their institutions. Or maybe you are with big pharma who wants to kill "grow your own" legalization so they can patent and control in order to extracts billions from us. You are probably addicted to whacking that wonderous god-given member of yours too! OH...unless you've been given one of the thousands of liver toxic, libido killing drugs like Cymbalta or Coumadin pumped out by your favorite local free sample crazy drug reps, or the auto-refill pharmacies that fill uneeded precriptions in order to drive returns. Free Drugs Anyone! See you local pharmacist or fire department to pick through the pile!

Be glad its only weed. Could be a "real drug".


While I feel much sympathy for the discomfort of withdrawal, most people experience no withdrawal symptoms. Some people might have a head ache or low energy. Have you ever stopped caffine?

Why did you start? Why are you stopping? The best thing for an "addictive" personality (LOL) is to figure that out! Then you can separate your psychological problems from your physical ones. All CNS drugs alter your consciousness and "pot" is very mild. This sounds more like alcohol or SSRI/SRNI withdrawal to me. Are you on antideppressants? They can make you suicidal. Give us more detail. Or are you just pullin our let 'cause you hate pot?


Umm. Wow yeah by the look of your photo you look like one of these homeless stoner mj advocates. Your conspiracy theory is idiotic. Put down the weed bro. Live and love life. Is your life that effed up that you have to be stoned 24/7? And on top of that you try to bring others down. Clown


f*****g id**t... This whole site is a joke about weed and everyone is complaining. BS in Mathematics from Binghamton University and guess what? I smoked every day to achieve that and I am very close to getting a job as an actuary.


I agree with the other dude. You smoked weed since you were 5? What kind of parents did you have? Throwing up? It sounds like a heroin addiction or something hard, THC isnt stored in your liver kidneys ect. THC is stored in your fat cells and as you burn the fat it gets released and thats about the only withdrawal system you should ever have. 

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you are really mean, he needs support not criticism....from a grandma..


It's been nearly three weeks for me and the withdrawal symptoms have not nearly gone away! I'm still exhausted beyond belief, which is probably the most disappointing part of quitting. I was really looking forward to having more energy, not less. My headaches have waned slightly, so that's a plus. And fortunately I haven't had any urge to smoke...this is very very surprising to me, but hey, I'll take it!
I've never drank so much water in my life and yet I'm still thirsty. (I find this quite ironic.)
I'm just hoping and praying that I soon start to feel the positive affects of being weed-free. This will ultimately reinforce my decision to quit. Until then...*yawn* is it naptime yet?


I use to smoke daily for 10 years now, I had to stop smoking for a job piss test , it took me 2.5 months to get thc out of my system drink lots of water massive amounts of cranberry juice and vitamins. I drank abouthe 4 5 liters of cranberry juice daily for 2 months (love cranberry juice) . The first week of quitting was bad I had very bad headaches,couldn't sleep, no appetite,always angry but the second week was a lot easier. All I gotta say is if you wanna quit suck it up and stop smoking. Deal wIth the withdrawal. Goodluck