Hi i am 38yrs old and i was born premature and my mom says i may be pre-men0pausal. I feel light headed, no breast soreness, no heat flashes, i am worrying myself to death about it. Ive never been late on period, its always every 28 days. I am now 16 days late, no sign of it. once in awhile i will lower back pain and bloating and nauseated. my husband had vasectomy 9 1/2 years ago. i did take 3 pregnancy tests they have been all been neg. tired here there. having trouble going to sleep at night. I do take medications but i have been on cymbalta for a couple years. my concentration varys also. please tell me what i should do. my sister says i should do nothing and that everything is normal. i dont if i can stand it not knowing what wrong with me i think im still young. :-( Karen