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I know it sounds weird but I'm very shy to ask anyone this. Ok so when my husband climaxes and cums inside me . It's like soooo much of it. Is that normal? And my other concern is, right when he pulls out... it all flows out of me like water. Am I suppose to hold all of that or is it normal that it comes out? let me tell you if feels gross cause I can feel it oozing out of me. Trust me now if we were not trying to have more kids I would have him pull out and ejaculate elsewhere. But we're trying so I'm putting up with this gross feeling. Please someone tell me is this normal. Thank you in advance.


Hi Lady,

It's a VERY good question.  Nobody talks about this stuff.

It's normal that it flows out.  Some women position themselves to help hold the semen in a while longer - to help pregnancy.  It's not necessary however.

No matter what, it's going to come back out at some point.