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my first time was on February the 6th , my second was February the 20th and my last was march the 6th with the same male. from the 6th, 2 weeks later i threw up some white, clear stuff. i paid it no attention. i was beginning to have back pains and leg pains and stomach pain and pee alot. i contacted the male and told him i might be pregnant he denied it.... he said we used a condom the second time he couldn't find it and the third time idk where the condom was. my period useless lasts for 6 days, now there 3 days or less. i use to be very active, but now i'm just tired and to lazy to do anything. did i tell you that my conceiving days are the 6th.

so i've had all of the following from February to now( not all at the same time):

back pains


leg pain

stomach pain

cramps when not time for period

short periods

eating a lot (like 3 meals are 1 meal to me)

sleeping a lot

peeing every 30 minutes

gained 51 pains in the last 3 months

feel kicking to lower stomach, top stomach and back plus sides


thought i hear heart beat

belly round

belly sitting up

line on my stomach




wobble when i walk

breasts has stretch marks

dents under my breasts

ankle swollen

stomach hard


mood swings

change in food taste

strong sense of smell

growing hair on my chin

face getting fat

hips getting wider

stomach getting bigger

but i get negative hpt tests all day long

and blood test say negative

someone said it could be in my tubes, can it?

any ideas or suggestions for me on what to do??



Hi CedWas,

An ectopic (in the tubes) pregnancy would still test positive.  By now, at almost 7 months we can safely say it is NOT an ectopic pregnancy.  There wouldn't be enough room for the fetus in your fallopian tube to develop.  They rarely go beyond 9-10 weeks.

You're still getting your periods.  It's unlikely you are pregnant.  Yes, you can have bleeding early in pregnancy.  After 3 months it would be a serious concern if you were bleeding.

You've seen a doctor, obviously, with the negative blood test results.

I don't think you are pregnant.  It COULD indicate a hormonal problem or a cyst.

You need more blood work for a start.  Sorry.  I'd be very curious as to your hormone levels.  An endocrinologist may be your best resource as they specialize in hormones.

Good luck.