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Hi i just found out that i am three weeks pregnant and i was told by a doctor at the ER room that i may have an Ectopic pregnancy i was told that the symptoms for an Ectopic pregnancy is ( felling sick to your stomach,tiredness,breast tenderness,pain with sex, vaginal bleeding or spotting,cramping or pain on one side or in the lower belly(Abdomen),fast heartbeat,passing out while bowel movement,sudden severe pain in the belly,Dizziness or fainting,Pain in the shoulder area) But i don't have any of them symptoms im not even spotting at all should i be worried about my pregnancy what can i do? Is too early in my pregnancy to find out if its an Ectopic Pregnancy?


Hi Garcia,

Your doctor should have given you MUCH more information such as WHY they think you may have an ectopic pregnancy. 

Do you have an Obstetrician?  It might be a good idea to check in with them.  An ultrasound can resolve this but at 3 weeks it is still very early.  In a week or so, they should be able to get a good picture of how your pregnancy is progressing.

Hang in there.  

Good luck.