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ok last middle of the yr. i started drinking a beer. and for the first time ever and yse im 35 yrs. old lol... i had 2 be rushed 2 the hosp. with an allergic reaction. the dr. says b/c ive drank b4 he doubts that could be the prob. wat happens is i start drinking say half way thru the beer my nose gets clogged, and usually its the left eye that gets swollen. other than just the discomfort of it, nothing else bothers me. im not a heavy or reg. drinker for that matter but i do like 2 drink when i feel like it ( mayb 2 or 3 x a mth).... PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION WHY?????????????????????????????


It sounds like an allergic reaction.

Your doctor should know that it is not the first time that you are exposed to a substance that you normally have the reaction. It is subsequent times, when you've developed antibodies to the allergen.

You could try different beers, it may be something in the particular brand. I'd suggest you carry an Epi-Pen though if you want to try this, just in case.

I have several friends that want to drink but can't for similar reasons.

Hope it helps.