My body has gone absolutely haywire. I have rheumatoid arthritis that has gone from mild to severe in the last 13 months. Additionally, I am having reactions to every single RA med (except Prednisone, lucky me) and, as well, to as various foods.

14 months ago I got Swine Flu/vaccine and now since November I'm on Benedryl 24/7 waiting for the allergic reactlon nightmare to end!!

Tonight's episode involved my face starting to rapidly swell 1/2 hour AFTER taking 50mg of Benedryl. Had to pop another and go for broke and use the Epi Pen for the first time.

Possible new allergen candidates? Green Beans. (either that or carrots). Or the can the Green Beans came in. Or contamination of some kind. Or, or or.... Sigh! I'm reacting every day to some extent. The worst was after winter squash, or was it the Parmesan? Maybe it was the mold on the walls or the mites on my pillow?? I'm just so turned around at this point.

As a token of my current humbleness (brought on by dying almost every single day I mess up and choose to eat food), I sincerely apologize for ever having thought it was an inconvenience to deal with anyone else's allergies. Whew, I hope that helps in even a small way because Karma is biting me big time.