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I grew up with a seafood allergy, two minor episiodes. Otherwise allergy free. Now at the age of 38 - oh my gosh! I had another seafood reaction in May. Mouth went numb but didnt' swell. Benadryl took care of it. Then two days later getting a mole removed I had a three hour reaction to Lidocaine Local Anesthesia w/epi. Again it felt like my throat and mouth were swelling, but really weren't. I was given prednisone at the time. Now 5 months later I had a reaction to lotion, coconut oil at the doctor's office, a facial rash& swelling to an unknown allergen and a reaction to MSG in food. My life is hell! I've been to the hospital for more prednisone, now it's been 21 days from two differerent visits. My main question is that I am having weird other symptoms. I feel fine before I take my prednisone, then I get horrible sinus pressure/pain. I also am having a lot of full anxiety attacks. Numb right arm, feels like someone is sitting on my chest...EKGs are fine and at the ER it's been written off to the prednisone/anxiety each time. But the pharmacist and allergists say I'm not having normal reactions to the meds. The only other meds I'm taking are antihistimes (Zantac/Loradatine in AM) and Benadryl as needed. I haven't taken any for a couple of days and the pharmacist thought that might be the problem. But last night my tongue was pulsing, tightening, twitching, constricting, and feeling weird - for no reason. My lower back was killing me, back muscles all tight, and my chest felt like someone was sitting on me. My allergist thinks my nervous system is a fault. Allergies or more? Hormones? Thyroids ok. Serum's ok? Nervous system problems??


dude sorry to hear your story , yet strangly comforting ... i have almost exactly the same reactions as yours....i've still not found out anything satisfactory..... now ... beer .. i've been reacting to beers i've been drinking all my life 8( but it's nice too know that its not just me..... swear to god if i find ANYTHING that works i will post it here.. because god this sux... i eat everything!!! always have.... now i can't drink milk eat potatoes  kiwis almonds hops(from the beer) aarrrggg just the last 2 years.... and im 40!! seriously .. what the hell, trully i wish you well.. ( and me too) i really would like to figure this out