Hey guys, I need some advice cos I'm getting kinda worried. Being a 16 year old lad (almost 17), when I go hang out with my friends they usually drink light alcoholic beverages, such as beer and sometimes slightly heavier stuff (In my country the drinking age is 16). My problem is that every time I drink something alcoholic it makes me throw up. And I'm not talking about insane quantities, I'm talking bout half a can of beer. So this got me wondering, and I formulated two theories. A. I'm allergic to alcohol or some chemicals used in alcoholic beverages, B. This one is kind of farfetched, but as I was raised, my parents taught me that alcohol is evil, unhealthy, etc, and so I was thinking that maybe it's a psychological thing, kind of like " A Clockwork Orange". I want to find a solution because, even though I know that drinking at my age isn't very healthy, I hate having to stay at a bar where all my friends are drinking and having fun having to say, no beers for me. Any ideas?