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I am still having that burning pain for hours and hours. I do sitz bath but the pain is still there. I saw my Dr the other day and he said hes surprised I am still having pain.  He said looks like I'm healing well

I'm so disgusted and tired of being in pain. I'm in pain since Jan and still after surgery


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Hello, smmrtm6.

What did your doctor told you about healing process? When you'll be able to see signs of improvement?

I'm asking, because one of my aunts had pains after sphincterotomy for nearly 6 weeks. But her pain wasn't excruciating. 

She also used sitz bath, but instead just the water, she used salt water or water mixed with baked soda. 

Do you use both cold and hot bath? 

The most important is to follow doctor's instructions. Do not lift heavy object, do not sit more than 45 minutes in one place, don't drive, etc.

Also, you need to stick to your diet. Do you use any of stool softener? 

I know it's hard, but you must be just a little more patient. If doctor said it's all going well, there is no reason to believe in something different. Give her a chance.

I hope the pain will pass soon. Cheers!



I'm sorry I haven't been on here since my posting. My pain continued after another visit to dr, he couldn't understand why I was feeling pain. So I went for a second opinion. She said my fissure was about 90% healed and she said I have pelvic floor dysfunction. Which is prob due to my pain I tensed up muscles went into spasms tighten up and have shortened. She put me on anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers. I only started getting an improvement about two weeks ago. It has been a long road and can't wait to get my life back! I hope your aunt is doing well. The sitz baths with warm water helps and even a heating pad. The dr said everyone heals at a different rate but I knew something wasn't right with me. Thanks for asking