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So does anyone know about insulin in this forum?  I have another insulin start related question to post.  Do you know what response is expected when a person starts insulin?  I am really freaked out about what my body will feel like when I inject it into my body. I used to do drugs many years ago and flashbacks to shooting up are coming back because I had some harrowing things happen to me when I used to take them.  I would wake up in strange places and it is just messed up.  I don't want to become sleepy and pass out or something.  Or worse yet, have an anxiety episode from it.  How has everyone else done on insulin and did it have bad effects for you?  Did you have any anxiety feelings from taking it?  What do you do if you do have a bad reaction from it?  I am terrified to start on it for fear I start having addictive behaviors again.


Insulin is something that your body makes naturally.  Though the insulin that you use for hyperglycemia is man-made in a laboratory, it is molecularly similar to the insulin produced in the pancreas.  You should not experience side effects that would cause any addiction to a drug.  No reaction should take place or if there is any, it is a very rare occurrence. Also, you have to keep in mind that to take insulin, there is a chance of hypoglycemia.  You should educate yourself on the signs of hypoglycemia and act accordingly to get your blood sugars back up.  If you are having anxiety about taking injections, you may want to seek some help with a professional that has dealt with issues like that.  Then you will be able to start insulin therapy without any problem.