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So is there any experts out there that can tell me about insulin and how it works?  I was thinking that there are some meals that I thought about eating that have no carbs in it.  Like a steak with nothing else.  I usually can eat a whole steak that fills my plate and eat nothing else.  No carbs, nothing.  So should I not be taking insulin with a no carb meal like that?  I wouldn't think you should since it would be bringing down your glucose and in addition to that , it could cause you to have hypoglycemia.  I don't need that, that's for sure.  It seems to me you would just leave the insulin for when you eat a meal with lots of carbs.  I have had meals with one carb unit and I took my insulin but it seems like I needed more carbs to keep me from going into a hypo.  I felt dizzy and loopy when I would do that.  I have reduced my insulin when I know that will happen.  So what do you experts say?


I would like to help you out though I wouldn’t say I am an  I do know that you need your carbohydrates. You cannot do without carbohydrates or you will suffer from hypoglycemia which could lead to coma.  You need to put carbs back into your diet!  Insulin is what carries the glucose to your body’s cells so that they get the energy they need to function.  When you do not put carbs in your body and take insulin on top of it, it is an equation for disaster.  You need to eat the carbs your doctor had recommended and use your insulin as prescribed.  You will feel better and you will decrease your chances of going into a hypo.