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I’ve been going to the same diabetes-doc for last 8 years and she has been giving me Glucophage and Acarbose…..I don’t think either is doing anything for me. My sugars have constantly elevated……. I have done extensive research lately regarding all the possible long-term complications in diabetes. Do you guys think that I should advise my doctor to put me on insulin?


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Dear poster of the topic: Insulin is a serious disease that can lead to severe complications and one of the most common preventable causes of morbidity in the western world. Insulin is the ''ultimate'' drug for diabetes, but it comes with severe pitfalls, including the need to inject it and insulin has a high likelihood (if used improperly) to cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. But this is not the issue here. Insulin should not be merred as a drug that medicine is trying to hide from you. Had it been the wonderful cure for diabetes, everyone would start with diabetes right away. It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a proper diet, exercising, reducing weight, etc. Thus, you should definitely discuss the matter wth your physician, but do not look into diabetes as the miracle cure that will make your problems go away. Best, Tom.