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Has anyone had to take their insulin after their meals as opposed to before your meals?  My doctor thinks I would benefit from waiting until after meals to give myself insulin because of the fact that sometimes I don't eat enough at the meal to justify having insulin  half the time.  He thinks if I wait to inject it, if I need to, then I won't experience hypoglycemia.  I think it is a good idea because if I take the insulin before and then I don't eat much or I fall asleep, I have a high risk of getting a hypo.  I don't need that to happen.  Does anyone else tkae their insulin after their meals?  Can you eat a full 3-4 carb unit meal?  I know I can't ... I am nauseated much of the time, especially if I eat too much.  This has been a problem for over a year now. 


Not everyone takes their insulin after meals.  It must be the fact that you are not eating enough at your meals that your doctor is switching the insulin times.  This is to safeguard from you going into a hypoglycemic episode.  It is important that you eat enough carbohydrates so that your body gets its energy needs met.  Have you tried any type of shakes to try to add more carbs to your meals?  These also have nutrients added to them so that you can meet your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Anything that is dense in carbohydrates would work.  If you can get ice cream or a candy bar down, it is better than nothing.  Though it would be better to eat something with more nutrients, at least you are getting your carbohydrates.  I hope the new insulin regimen works out for you and that you are able to consume more at your meals so you benefit from better nutrition.