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Hello, I am about 34 weeks pregnant and type 1 diabetic.  I am wearing an insulin pump for insulin therapy while I am pregnant.  So I have a question.  I am concerned about insulin therapy by pump. I heard that patients gain a lot of weight on a pump.  I do not want to get any fatter than I am.  What can I do to prevent getting fat?  I walk up and down the street but since it has gotten cold, I don't do that anymore.


Hello, Guest.... congratulations on your pregnancy!  I see that you will be using insulin therapy as the way to control your blood sugars in the next upcoming weeks. An insulin pump is a great way for you to maintain control of your blood glucose throughout the course of your pregnancy.   It is a possibility that you may gain some weight with the pump. This usually happens if a person has improved blood glucose results from the calories being used up by the body rather than expelled in the urine.  Another culprit could be by too much insulin being delivered into the body which could lead to hypoglycemia.  This will lead to a person wanting to consume more sugar.  Patients are able to handle more high-caloric foods so that would cause more weight gain.  You should talk to your doctor or nutritionist about your concerns.  Do you have problems controlling your appetite in normal conditions?  Are you gaining too much right now while you are pregnant?  Striving to eat the right foods, lots of vegetables with high fiber content, and drinking water will help you maintain satiety.  Does anyone have any comments to add?  Has anyone been on the insulin pump and gained weight from it?  Are there any tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy gain without gaining too much weight?