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I am female, 48 yrs. I took for several years anti baby pills - actually as a treatment against acnes.
Since about 15 years I am having high blood pressure. I did all the tests - but the doctors could not find any reason for my HBP. I am a health person and not at all overweight. Since almost 10 years I am on medication against HBP - using Beta blockers etc. This has not helped me much.
Just today, a friend of mine of my age told me that she also has high blood pressure and it started after she had taken anty baby pills for some time. My question: how far anti baby pills and HBP are connected? Are there any studies in this area?



Hormonal contraceptives have been shown to cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and blood clotting in some women. Now that you're going off the pills, you may find it easier to control your high blood pressure.