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Hey All

First of all, I have a Pure Obsessional form of OCD. Means that I obsess about thinks, thoughts mainly such as, I am scared that i will turn schizophrenic, get cancer or become a serial killer etc.. things that usually never happen and all I do is try to find signs that confirm this hypothesis, for example : feelings of paranoia, anxiety, thinking that I will start hallucinating any moment..

I've been smoked weed very moderately over the last 2 years I'd say. By moderate use I mean, sometimes 1 joint a week on the weekends. 3 Weeks in a row = 3 joints. And other times I pause for 4 month or even 8 month not smoking anything.

I always had some issues with anxiety, given my obsessive nature and anxiety is very close to OCD. I get anxious fast.

The point is that the first time i got really high i experienced a panic attack. Thinking that I was dying, blacking out and wanting to call the ambulance. Heart rate shoots up sky high.. you know the deal.

I occasionally have such panic attacks when I smoke too much, usually I want to get away from people.

Also, many times when I smoke I get very vigilant and somewhat paranoid. For example I am sitting in my car looking outside the window. There is another car with people sitting inside and I feel like they are looking at me. Nothing out of the ordinary, I mean, I wouldn't run away or act crazy.

Lately one of my obsession has been that this feeling of paranoia will take over and I will become paranoid in my sober state, that I will think that people are after me, conspiracy theories and all that crazy stuff.. ultimately isolating myself at home and become schizophrenic. This confirms one of my biggest fears.

Even when I am not high I sort of get anxious at situations where I think that I might be thinking along paranoid lines and I catch myself doing that. I'm not sure if it is just the Obsession that is telling me that I'M paranoid when I'm really not, just to feed my anxiety or if there is something real to that. I am too self conscious and over analyze my feelings and thoughts.

How likely is it that I will become true paranoid from having smoked weed? Why am I thinking that I am paranoid ? Will this pass or will I recover from this? am I really just a whiny b***h?

I'd love to hear ur thoughts on this

thank you all so much for helping me out and reading this



Well, I've know several people who smoke weed or have smoked it. None them have become paranoid from it, however weed is known to put you in various mental states. Maybe when ti mixes with your mind it enhances various emotions including your anxiety which leads to paranoia.
So far the only results I've seen from weed are extremely laid back smokers.

I don't know about the rest, but it's likely that all you need is some self control or just find ways to make yourself feel more secure. It's a difficult thing, I've felt such anxiety before and even today I feel it around certain people who i just don't trust. Building my self confidence has helped me the most I believe. Not sure if this is directly related to your problem though..


This describes me perfectly! Did you ever get some answers?