I'm kind of freaking out about weather I'm having a series of panic attacks or if I have something more serious.

Quick medical history:

Age 19: back injury to middle back
- Muscle spasms, mostly when lifting weights or bending the wrong way - middle back. Stand for too long on some days, back is usually sore.

Age 22- became lactose intolerant, C-Diff

2 1/2 years ago - inflammation of the inner ear, hearing loss. Hearing returned to 95 percent with Prednisone. Had a serious bout of depression and anxiety lasting approximately one month. I thought it was due to the Prednisone.

Current symptoms, some of which have been going on for 2 weeks (and under):

Started weekend of February 20th - feelings of light headed, some slight "floaty" feeling. I should note that time of year is the 2 year anniversary of a very sudden and traumatic divorce for me.

Scalp tingles sometimes, band of tension around head sometimes. Enhanced when concentrating at work. Less when I lay down.

Extreme anxiety, tension, short breath

Sleeping trouble, waking up suddenly in the morning very suddenly. Some insomnia too.

Large change in mood - not wanting to go out or be around too many people

Feeling of lightheadedness, fogginess - starts usually late morning

Some days sensitive to light - brighter foggier vision

Sometimes slight headaches, various parts of my head - top, front behind eyes,

Sometimes face feels flushed

Ears sometimes feel full, pressure above ears

Appetite has decreased a little

Right arm and hand, 2nd from right finger, most used arm at work (pen and mouse) feels more strained and weak, sometimes part of it a little numb. This part is worrying me the most right now, and has been going on for a few days. Every so often I get pins and needles on my left arm too. I can still squeeze and use my hand - it just feels more difficult than before all this started.

Finding it harder to concentrate, having to leave work early.

Very Frightened.

I'm seeing an ENT on Tuesday as a start, and my girlfriend suggests seeing a neurologist. There's no history of any neurological problems in my family as far as I know, but there is anxiety and depression (and dementia) on my fathers' side of the family. My sister has anxiety, she's been on antidepressants. My mom's mother did have Parkinson's late in life, now that I think about it.

I also see a therapist bi-weekly (been doing that since the divorce 2 years ago), and just saw someone yesterday who specializes in anxiety and meditation.

To sum up- I'm scared - should I be on antidepressants, is this something much worse?