Hello peeps, I've been suffering from some bad problems for a good while now, and while I have an "all clear" thanks to a recent echocardiogram and chest x-ray, I still need some advice as I can't see my GP again until february.

Basically, I'm getting sharp and aching pains in my left arm. They're accompanied by a feeling of warmth and move all over the arm, from the shoulder to the elbow to my hand, although never at the same time. Thanks to this, I've had some bad anxiety, and triggered chest tightness, pain in my lower ribs and far-left side of chest and lightheadness. Sometimes pain even triggers in my left leg, like pin pricks. We've found some tender points on my back but massaging them or applying warmth has little to no effect.

I already suffer from severe hypochondria, and I can't stand these symptoms, since they're all - according to one Doctor Google - first signs of a heart attack (eep!). Only 1 person in my family history has ever suffered one of these, my grandfather (God rest his soul) but 1 is enough to make me worry more! Over the last 2 months I've had all manner of symptoms including palpatations, heavy arms, dizziness, rapid heart and tight throat, some of which gets worse after about 30 minutes of excercise.

Should I be worried despite a clean bill of health? Can neurological and anxiety problems be behind this or are my cardiac-based fears soon to be realised?!