I'm really worried I could be pregnant. The last time I had sex was 4 months ago. There was a hole in the condom but he pulled out. I wasn't on the pill so I went and took plan B! I got a period from that. And then my normal period on time about 2 weeks later, after that I took 2 tests and both were negative, yay! And 2-3 weeks after that I took a third and that one was also negative. Every month after that I've gotten my period on time and they've all been normal lasting 5-6 days etc However my breasts have been really sore to touch with any firmness, especially my nipples. I get cramps randomly. I get sharp pains in the left side of my lower stomach kind of by my hip bones. Back pains mostly around my kidneys. Weird stomach aches, fullness feeling in my upper and mid stomach area, I've put on maybe 3-4lbs but I've always had a rounder chubbier stomach, and so that's messing with my head too. I've also been eating a lot of fast food too. When I put my hand on my stomach and push down its squishy up until a certain point and then it's hard but I have to be pushing really hard to get to that point. And that's around my belly button, any higher or lower I'm pretty squishy. I've also been itchy down there, and have weird white discharge. I was tested for UTIs since I have a history of kidney problems, and I had one and was treated 3 months ago, but they also said there was an "unknown bacteria" in my results and that it could be an std but they're not sure I don't have cravings or like that heightened sense of smell. If anything I get full quicker lately and don't eat as much. My next period is in 2-3 week and it's like anxiety gets me in between every single one even though I'm not sexually active anymore. But I'm terrified of being pregnant. Any ideas? Please help. I'm 19. Thanks!