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I have previously being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but recently I have began getting better by alot. During times were my depression has got worse I often have severe feeling of guilt, feelings that I dont deserve anything or that I have done something terribly wrong. Something I have started to notice is that these feelings are a lot more prominent after drinking, it can be from drinking little to a lot, I often have a lot of fun drinking I go with family, friends and my boyfriend often, but sometimes after a night of drinking I can wake up feeling very anxious and aswell as these guilty feelings, I manage to convince myself Iv done something terrible or really embarassing when drunk and it plays on my mind to the point where I get depressed over it. The most recent 'false memory' is that I went out last week and cheated on my boyfriend, even though I know full well I didnt and that I was texting him all night and that I even told a man who bought me a drink that I have a boyfriend and everything was fine. Am I crazy or experiencing I should get help for as this has happened for as long as I can remember? Help!


Hi Rae!
I would definitely recommend seeing someone about your anxiety and depression. I suffer from axiety a lot and have done my whole life. I was very reluctant to see a specialist thinking "oh I'm not bad enough" and "there are people way worse than me". To the point where one day I was in my kitchen thinking that something awful was going to happen to my girlfriend who was going away on a holidays for a week!
I don't even think i was a year seeing a specialist and I already began to feel better. However, its one thing to talk to someone about your thiughts and issues, but at some point its up to you to take action, and i quote from a website, do the "warrior work" to deal with your anxiety. The 2 big things for me were mindfulness/meditation and exercise! For me lifting weights just expelled all that pent up energy! Thats what anxiety is, energy! Then the mindfulness and meditation helped me with my thoughts and helped me relaxed. I also researched as much as I could online (on credible sites) about anxiety, depression, OCD thinking, intrusive thoughts, negative thinking, basically as much as I could about our brains and psychology! Some very good books out there too! John Kabat-Zin, Dr. Harry Barry from Ireland (I'm Irish btw, not sure if this is an Irish site or not lol). So basically, research! Even just having more knowledge about how my brain worked was a great help, and reading peoples stories on forums helped!
Look, it sounds like I'm Mr. Perfect with all the answers and lifes great, but in reality, I still battle daily with my fear and anxiety and worry! There are days i won't meditate cause im like "whats the point" unfortunately my friend the road to recovery is a long one, but it doesn't have to be as hard as it was yesterday. In a year I've noticed positive changes, imagine in 10 years, so long as I keep up good physical and mental habits that is ;)
There are literally a million things I can keep going on about here but i won't do that do yah, just do some research yourself, start of simple, I hear the Headspace app is very good, thinking downloading it myself.
Anyways, keep the chin up! It ain't easy, if it was, every body would, just do your best, thats all you can. If you have any questions, ask away, I feel i have a decent knowledge on the subject but sure anything i can't answer ill try and point you in the right direction :)
Lifes too serious to be take seriously, sometimes that helps me...sometimes. hahah
Ps. Don't believe everything you think ;)