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hey all, i feel the need to include all these tedious details, so bear with me :-)

i've struggled with off and on anxiety all my life. since about march i'd say, i just thought i was going through another rough patch. this time, however, i'd developed some weirder, more debilitating symptoms than just a rapid heart beat and sweaty palms. first off, i noticed that the rapid heart beat was constantly there, even if i was feeling totally fine mentally. in addition, i'd get this shortness of breath that would come, once again, unprovoked. i noticed that these symptoms worsen by about 10 times whenever i'm outside during the day. if it's even slightly warm outside, i feel like i'm suffocating, and that my heart will shoot out of my chest. i used to enjoy daily walks, and now i simply can't do it. i also get this horrible heavy-headed feeling whenever i walk, accompanied by the sensation that the sidewalk is moving up and down. i've noticed that my blood pressure must be a bit off too, because whenever i go from a sitting to standing position / walk up a flight of stairs, i get pretty severe head rushes that bring me close to fainting. my heart will palpitate a few uncomfortable times-- these head rushes are the only instances when my heart will actually beat SLOWLY. i can't even sleep with a steady heart! a few times, my heart will race to a point where i'll wake myself up, in a dazed, half-asleep yet full-blown panic.

i've been to the doctor, but he only suggests anxiety. i'm sure quite a few of these symptoms are anxiety-related, but the heavy headed/heat intolerant sensations are hard to ignore. i would love to have my life back, and if anyone has an idea of what's going down, please write back


notes: 19 year old female, light smoker, ex caffeine-drinker/adderall-taker, otherwise healthy



I've had palpitations for around 2 years now, but very rarely. When I get them, they sound a lot like the type you're experiencing (few uncomfortable heavy beats, forcing me to cough). I get mine when I'm nervous for whatever reason, when I get an adrenaline boost, or when I exert myself physically more than I normally do (lifting something heavy across a distance).

Some days my heart will feel like its beating quite hard for the whole day, and other days quite softly (weakly?). I find this varies depending on what I've done/eaten during the day.

I recently cut out caffeine from my diet completely, I have never smoked but I do drink socially most weekends. It is helping slightly, though I've heard Magnesium will help tremendously with these strange heartbeats.


It's the adderall