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I have seen many doctors and no one can tell me why I get headaches let alone how to stop them. They range from fair to severe. They usually are in the front across my forehead and eyes but also are on the sides and back. Pain medication has little to no effect.

Low in vitamin B12- had a shot two days ago
Low in vitamin D- taking supplements

Always thirsty- drinking tons of water, no sodas, no alcohol

Been cleared by doctors for eyes, sinus, brain tumor, and diabetes


Dehydration and stress issues may be related to this type of headache. There are certainly other causes of headaches, some of which require specific treatment, but even when there is a clear and diagnosed cause of headaches, if your body is also dehydrated, the headache pain will be worse. Many people who have frequent headaches are actually experiencing a rebound effect from taking pain medication too often. If you're taking pain medications, even over-the-counter analgesics, more than three days a week, you're at risk of developing rebound headaches.