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I spent four years of chronic cluster headache patients. Pain during certain hours of the day usually occurs 3

to 4 times. Pain behind the eyes of the start and after 15 minutes the right half of the my head is contain of

very very pain. Runny eyes and nose with the right side of the jaw is extremely painful.original pain is behind

the eyes with most perspiration  and The pain is permanently high or low .In this time myeyes are extremely

sensitive to body is shaking because I Suffered much pain.While I sitting in ground I pressure  my

head in my hands Usually leave a cloth between the teeth to prevent erosion Also takes between 45 to 120

minutes.All drugs such as lithium and verapamil or Ergotamine was taking.Relevant tests such as MRI and

blood test have performed well .But the only effective drug for me was a strong corticosteroid (prednisolone

50 mg daily) .The two years that I take this medicine.Once because of severe side effects (severe fine hair.

Legs pain and swelling. Sharp increase in weight. Backache) I stop the medication for 2 months.But as soon

as discontinued medication for severe headaches than before returning After two months, so I was forced to

continue taking.During the two months I started taking prednisone from 50 to 25.I am now taking daily 25 mg

prednisolone .But time is three to four times a week I get very severe headaches.I'm afraid of raising the

dose of drug.Also None of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics or the Ergotamine is an

effective pain.Somatrybtan is not bad but I have not tried it, type IV.Please believe that I have a high pain

tolerance threshold But these headaches are so severe that sometimes painful  I  think to beat my head

against the wall and fell down unconscious.I've experienced the pain of breaking my hand So the pain of

kidney stones But this is most painful of all, I really can not handle it.I heard that cluster headaches may

cause serious damage to the optic nerve and blindness.Except for the use of steroids and surgery on the

trigeminal nerve behind the eye Leading to failure of the glands secrete tears is there  another way to treat

this disease Please help me .Thanks  NAVID 32 years old from Iran.


I'm truly sorry to read you have up to 4 attacks a day. Horrible affliction. In regards to Sumatriptan: Subcutaneous Sumatriptan Injection  is the fastest form of this drug to abort CH attack: However Doctors tell us we can only take 2 injections in 24 hours. It is very expensive in UK.

I have tried Sumatriptan Tablets (The Doctors say I can take 100mg Three times in 24 hours)  but they are too slow for me. 

Have you been offered Oxygen 100% as an abortive treatment. Apparently this can be taken as often as needed.

I have been getting CH for over 15 years, I go berserk when I have a CH attack it is like I imagine a torture chamber, but it is my own physiology doing it to myself, and yet during a CH attack there is no worse physical pain I can imagine, or that I fear more, I feel I could walk in front of a lorry, or confront someone pointing a gun at me, etc. It is during a CH attack that we discover if We Fear God!

You know all this Navid. It is much worse for you. I rarely have more than 2 attacks in 24 hrs, at most 3. I have months of remission, for me it is Episodic, From what you write. It seems your CH is Chronic. 

Please don't hurt yourself. Don't loose Hope or Determination to feel better in your life time. I pray you find a treatment that works for you. See as many Doctors as you can, See every Neurologist until, You find some Medicine or such Treatment that lessens and hopefully stops your CH attacks completely.

I'm sorry these are only words and I cannot heal another person anymore than I can bring Wisdom into my foolish little mind.

Please forgive me if I have offended you at all. It is not intentional if I have. I can understand If you feel very angry with life. 

I wish you well, and the all the best life has to offer. 



I sufferred from CH for almost 35 years. I tried every drug - prednisone, sumatriptan, verampril & all types of analgesics. Nothing works once headache sets in. If aborted in time even one tablet of Crocin / vasograin works. If not taken in time, nothing is effective. Sumatriptan nasal spray is most effective as it takes effect almost instantly.

The best way out is Oxygen - this works even after headache has set in & its safe with no side effects.

I have gained relief from CH from the last 4 / 5 years by Homeopathic medicine. I have to take medicine regularly but the attacks have gone. I get a very mild attack once in a while but it is so mild that it can be ignored.

I have written this because I have sufferred for a long time from this ailment and the pain was so severe that I wanted to hit my head against the wall.



Seems you're managing well with your course of treatment. For me Sumatriptan Injections, have been the quickest means to abort attack. The problem as often stated is: Different people respond differently to the same medicine for the same condition! Alas Trial & Error are commonly path of the course, which can be as I'm sure you know, an extremely painful journey! Hopefully there is relief ahead. Take care.