I have had pain in my teeth on both sides for over a year.  It is mainly in the upper teeth but seems to radiate all over the mouth.  I am really loosing it now.  About 13 years ago I had extensive dental work done including implants and crowns.  The dentist that did all the work somehow lost my whole file when I was developing the problems and pain. (He claims the file was stolen with his briefcase from his car.)  I have been to various dentists and specialists  Periodontists and Endodontists who took many xrays and various tests.  I had a CbCt which revealed a inflammatory pathology with tooth 1.5 or maxillary mucositis.  The left 2.4 was consistent with perapical rarefying osteitis and mucositis of left maxillary sinus. I was also sent for a bone scan which excluded maxillary osteomyelitis to a high degree.  Focal activity within the region of the lower incisiors is likely attributable to dental disease.  I was prescribed Co-Meloxicam 15 MG which did not help.  On May 7th I had a Maxillary Apicoectomy/Apical Currage and Bicuspid Retrofilling two canals on tooth 1.5 and on May 16th root canal of tooth 2.4.  Both have crowns.  I was given Tylonol 3 for pain but it does not help either.  To top it off, I developed cankers for which I am rinsing with salt water. I have spent thousands of dollars on tests and surgery.  I am leaving for Europe in two days for a retirement vacation that was planned last September.  I thought my dental problem would be long solved.  Now I am devasted and don't know what to do.  I do have cancellation insurance but was told they do not honour any dental problems. Has anyone experienced a similar problem, I would like to hear from you.  Thanks.