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I had an Apicoectomy done about 7 or 8 weeks ago on one of my front teeth. Firstly the initial procedure went well but after a few weeks I felt a bit of pressure but no swelling. I thought that it would take a month to recover so I just left it to see. Anyways, about 2 weeks ago I felt the most pressure on it and then after a few days the pressure left and it seems to be getting better, but I still know its there at this moment in time. Does anyone know or think they know whats going on. Bit fustrated over the whole thing now as spent so much money to get it fixed and still not fixed and I cant go back to the dentist who did it as Im on the other side of the world now.
Sorry for going on


Hi kiznore and welcome to the forum.
Do you maybe have a pimple near your tooth?
This can be and infection. The body is draining the infection through the pimple. The pimple can come and go, and this might be the pressure that you feel for few days and that it goes away. The best thing for you is to go to dentist and you really need to check it as soon as possible.