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Hello, first of all I would like to say sorry for my english because it isn't my native language.


I will now say something about my problems:

I don't really know where to start because I have a lot to say

* I am 17 years old and I am from Croatia

* I don't quite remember when did it started but I will tell you since I remember

* From 2007 i have acne on my skin and from 2011 I have skin problems almost all the time on my feet (redness..... but it isn't fungis). Dermatilogist gives me some cremes but they help when I use them, when I stopped using them it would get back.

* Because of acne I took Roaccutane (my dermatologist told me to), it was in early 2012

* Also in early 2012, I wen't to see a doctor because I had stomache pain, diarrhea and he just gave me some pills and told me that it is probably gastritis, I didn't drink the pills but the problem was solved by itself

* It came summer and my stomache was kinda ok, still some diarrhea when I woke up early and went to training

* Since I remember I've always had some kind of loose stool (not hard and not diarrhea - but more like diarrhea). I would always had to go in the WC when I wake up and than my stomache wont ache later in the day and it would be ok.

* After the summer the school started and the problem got worse because I woke up very early. I had stomache ache in the morning, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting. It was like that for a week or two and I went to see a specialist. 

* Colonoscopy showed reddnes and inflammation at the Illeitis and that is it (left side of my lower abdomen - the place where my stomache hurts the most). Blood tests, gastostropy, allergic disseases are all negative (no problems). MRI showed that there is no inflammation.

* Doctor gave me like 11 pills to drink trough a day and she told me that the pain and diarrhea will go away, at least a little bit after 2 weeks. I drank the pills for 4 weeks and the situation was the same, my doctor was on vacation and I stopped drinking them because the pain got I would say even worse

* Tried gluten free diet, lactose free diet and for a week it was ok (rice, meat, vegetables and some fruits). I was verry happy because my stool was finally normal. Started adding some other foods like protein powder, rice flour, peanut butter and the stomache was also fine.

* After 1 month of that It was ok, one diarrhea in 2 weeks.

* It started again after my Eastern vecation. On holy Saturday I ate some bread and ham, I was in pain that day, Eastern. Eastern monday. On Easter monday I had diarrhea and the whole week (vacation) I didn't have normal stool (not diarrhea, no stool or a little bit of stool). I was eating like that week when it was ok.

* Week after Easter my school started and I was eating like I was before (lactose and gluten free). I woke up every day at 5 am for school (05:00) and I had stomache pain every day and had to come back from school because it was that severe (when home, I drank tea and later had diarrhea). Sometimes it hits me and I have to go 2-3 times to the bathroom in a day. Today I went 4-5 times.



So the conclusion is:

1. I have skin problems but it is not acne. mostly on my feet now and it is redness (I could get what my dermatologist wrote if you want to)

2. Took Accutane for 2-3 months because of my acne and it went away, that is the time when I goot my first stomache problems but it went away soon (summer)

3. Stool is loose all the time before and last few months it is diarrhea almost every day (except for one month when I was gluten free and ate just chicken breast, rice, vegetables, some fruits and later put in protein powder, rice flour and peanut butter).

4. Specialist gave me some pills and after a month of drinking them, they didn't help

5. Stopped drinking them and went to gluten free and lactose free, was ok for a month and the problem came back again

6. When I don't wake up early in the morning, 90% of the time I don't have diarrhea (when gluten free) but when I wake up early in the morning I have only one diarrhea a week (also gluten free)

7. At the time when I went to se a specialist for stomache problems (before I started gluten free) it was almost every day and since Easter vecation it is every day (diarrhea, few times in a day) even when I am eating gluten free.


So.. problem is usually here when I wake up early and it is diarrhea. Now it is here even If I don't wake up early. Gluten free helped for some time and now it doesn't help anymore (for more than a week)

I missed 260+ hours in my school because of this. They could get me to write a test with the whole year in it if they decide to.


If you don't understand, tell me and I will write again. I am desperate because of this.

Nothing helps. Doctor wants to send me to psychiatrist, because they can't find anything.

I love my school and that isn't a problem.

Please help me if you know, I could write all this again if you would like to answer but you don't understand .




Sorry for my long post like this but It didn't show up like it wrote it (with spaces between, etc.)



I don't have time for a long post but have you ever been tested for Celiac Disease? You get skin problems and bowel problems and internal pain. Your post sounds like all my pain I dealt with my life. I have Celiac disease too. Get a test and your health will be way better. Hope it helps and I can talk another time if you need to. Good luck


I was tested for Celiac Disease and the results are negative. All results from all tests I made are ok, except the Colonoscopy which shows Illeum inflammation (Illeitis)